I Introduction

1. The LIC is committed to providing equal opportunity for all eligible learners to benefit from excellent educational and working environment free from every kinds of discrimination.

2. This Admission Policy aims to lay down the ground rules for the admission process at LIC.

3. This policy applies to the admission of all categories of students to accredited programmes of study. The Admissions officers and other administrative staff responsible for the selection of students are required to comply with this Policy.

4. LIC is committed to procedures for the recruitment and admission of students which are fair, explicit and implemented consistently. This policy is informed by the College’s codes of practice and policies on equal opportunities, the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000, and the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Act 200, data protection and widening participation.

II Implementation

5. Entry criteria are set after consulting the course teachers and relevant awarding body’s requirements. Decisions on applications are made by Director of Admissions Officer on the basis of set criteria. For all programmes, the selection process will take into account-

(i) the student’s potential to succeed in his or her chosen programme of study

(ii) actual or expected academic or professional qualifications and grades

(iii) relevant work or other experience

(iv) applicants’ own statements of interest in the programme

(v) references (usually academic, but also professional where relevant to the proposed programme)

(vi) where appropriate, an interview or sample of the applicants’ work

III English Language requirements

6. When recruiting students for courses at QCF/NQF level 4 to 7,  admission/admin officer must ensure that students are competent in English language as follows:

a. For Level-4/5 at a minimum level B1 on the common European Framework of reference for language (CEFR), equivalent to a minimum of 4 in IELTS .

b. For Level6/7 at a minimum level B2 on the common European Framework of reference for language (CEFR), equivalent to a minimum of 5.5 in IELTS.

7. We  also accept the following Secure English Language Tests Certificates (SELTS).TOEFL IBT

  • Pearson Test of English (PTE Academic)
  • ESOL B2 Communicator

IV Applications

8. Application forms submitted without all the supporting documentation will delay the admission process. If the applicant does not attach the required documents with the application form, it will be rejected. The received documents will be verified through appropriate means.

9. Admission decisions will be made as quickly as possible. However, where programmes attract large numbers of applications, every effort is made to minimise the delay.

10. In cases where the College is unable to make an offer for an applicant’s original choice of course, he/she may be considered for an alternative or related programme.

11. In exceptional cases, applicants with appropriate qualifications may be allowed exemption from part of a programme. A decision will be made by the admission officer after consulting the course teachers.

V Applicants with Disabilities and Additional Needs

11. LIC is committed to providing equal opportunities for all of its students and actively encourages potential students who may be disabled or who may have an additional need to make an application to study here. The College continues to ensure that disabled students meet their full academic potential and are not discriminated against either during the admissions process or during their study time as students at LIC by reason of being disabled or having an additional need.

12. Students should ensure that they have sufficient information on which to base decisions about acceptance and necessary support. Entry requirements for different courses will vary and a decision will depend on a candidate meeting those requirements. It is a departmental responsibility to ensure that applicants are given appropriate information on which to base their decisions. Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate an individual’s needs for support, in exceptional circumstances it may not be possible to make reasonable adjustments to enable a programme to be accessed.

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