o All students are advised to come to the college 15 minutes before the class starts. The students are not allowed to enter the classroom if they are more than 10 minutes late. In such instance, late comer will need to report to reception to take a lateness slip to class tutor to allow them into the class. Their late arrival time will be recorded in the Attendance Register. Students coming later than 30 minutes after the class has started will be marked absent for that session.

o Students are required to attend at least 16 hours of supervised classes as per directives of the UKVI from January 2010. Students who are late or do not attend classes for 16 full tuition hours per week for three weeks will be reported to the Home Office. Luton International College will send copies of students’ passport, their UK and home country address, their telephone number and all other contact details to the Home Office who may decide to withdraw the VISA. 85% attendance is a must for all students. Otherwise, the college has the right to take any action against them and this may result in their places on the course being withdrawn.

o According to the UKVI rules if the student fail to attend 10 consecutive days, will be reported to the UKVI and CAS will be withdrawn.

o Any absence requires prior notice. This notice should be given to the reception whether in person or via a representative. Proof document is required.

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